Asset Management

Asset Management:
Reference to an absolute, rather than relative income;
providing customers with the required degree of control of the investment process;
individual portfolio investment strategies and managed;
investments in major asset classes such as stocks, bonds, private equity and real estate investments.
Our company has assembled an experienced team of asset management, which applies an individual, customer-oriented approach to asset management and capital in relation to private clients and enterprises and professional institutions.
Our asset management principles
Reference to absolute income. Wealthy customers want real evidence that the asset manager brought them added value. We specialize in asset management and a focus on absolute rather than a relative measure of income that you have earned from the transfer of funds to our company management. We also compare the performance of your investment with the market, money market rates, inflation and the general impact on the portfolio of customer investments in different assets, companies and banks, if we provide services to clients consolidated asset management.
Active asset management. We are convinced that through active asset management can add value. Successful investment requires a structured approach, the formation of a diversified portfolio in accordance with the investor's acceptable level of risk. Active management of this portfolio - a complicated process, so many customers seeking advice. We offer opportunities to work with the bank to allow you to delegate decision-making on the basis of asset management and make the decisions themselves.
Advantages of asset management
Save time and efficiency. Clients entrust adoption of the company's investment decisions. Ordered the investment process enables the formation of the portfolio on the basis of experience.
Benefits Advisory Asset Management
Clients control the decision-making to the extent necessary, and they can take the help of experts who determine the structure of the portfolio, provide individual investment advice and provide effective control of risks. This service also includes analytical support.
Providing customers with the required degree of control of the investment process. We strive to achieve maximum transparency, simplicity and the desired degree of control the investment process from the client side. If desired, you can set the desired degree of control over the conduct of operations on the basis of individual reports, specifying operational communications format upon the occurrence of certain events in the market.
The open form of the selection of investments and alternative investment funds. Investment funds are a convenient tool for building efficient portfolios of investments and risk diversification. You can benefit from our advice on the formation of the fund management strategies.