Tax consulting

Tax consulting:
Using the mechanisms of control and ownership of property, including international companies, trusts, foundations and companies, provides consulting support in the tax structuring of your capital assets and business.
We offer accounting support activities of companies, support in the preparation of financial statements and other reports, advise on reducing the risks of double taxation of tax calculation procedure, fees and mandatory payments, as well as the taxation of income from real estate transactions and investment activities.
Our goal - to properly arrange tax planning, put into practice optimization of taxation mechanisms, which in turn will allow you to correctly, and most importantly - legally save on the current and future costs.
In the context of increasing pressure from the government to private business and financial instability, tax advice and planning is becoming an important element of good governance, both at the capital level and at the level of international companies.
To solve the problems of tax optimization we approach the complex, using proven methods and planning capabilities by providing administrative, accounting and legal support.
We will assist in the implementation of your ideas, answer the questions and provide the necessary decisions, recommendations and analysis, aimed at the long-term preservation and enhancement of your capital.